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Kick Start Fund

The RSBAA is pleased to announce the launch of the Kick Start Fund, which will annually award up to three bursaries of £1000.


The bursary is for an individual from the RSBAA area who has the vision to initiate a positive change in local farming or food production.


Thanks to the Leonard family

The Kick Start Fund was generously donated in memory of Paul and Pam Leonard

Open to all RSBAA members, their families and includes those working in their business, the RSBAA Kick Start bursary can be used for domestic and international travel to attend conferences or to gather new knowledge and experiences. It could also be used towards start-up costs for a new enterprise.

The RSBAA wants to inspire you to apply your ingenuity and forge positive change. Your ability to think differently will be looked upon favourably and all ideas that could lead to positive change will be considered.
A successful applicant will need to clearly demonstrate: -

  • How the bursary will be used

  • How their proposal will lead to positive change to farming or food production

  • Any other sources of funding being received.


Recipients will be expected to share their findings in a short report (Approx. 3000 words) or as agreed with the RSBAA. They will be ambassadors of the RSBAA and farming in general and encouraged to share and enthuse others across the industry.

The RSBAA would like to acknowledge the Leonard family who have initiated this Fund and we encourage others to consider making donations to help us maintain and grow this opportunity.

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